Navish Rampal (findnavish) wrote,
Navish Rampal

“Have come far-away

One day sitting alone and reflecting i ran across many feeling and noted down whatever passed my mind and gave it a form of a poem. Dedicating it to all those staying far from their homes.

I was Eleven used to see heaven,
No worries, no dreams,
Was just a train, going straight on rails,
Never knew where to go,
Somebody constructed the rail,
I just followed.

In school I was, never good in Studies,
Still hopes very high,
That I will do something,
Very good one day. 

There were nights when there were no light,
Lying on the top of my house,
Seeing the twinkling stars.
Myths I heard, all those who are gone,
Is one in those,
But only what I knew - “They are stars & far Away”,
How they are? Why they are?
Thinking this I used to sleep way.

Loud noises, as air tear apart,
Hearing that noise,I used to run out of the house,
Up in the sky a high flying object,
Which people called the aero plane,
Have heard in that are people just like us,
Wished if I could be in that someday.

A decade passed,
School was over,
Now it was time,
To change the train.

Far I have come today,
Sitting in that Object,
Which I wished I could be in someday.

When I was in school,
All I knew that I will have to work someday,
The time is now & I am working,
2500 km far from home,
Very far away.
I miss my home, I miss my home,
I wish I could soon be there,
Very soon someday.

Away from family,
I am with friends, with whom I stay,
After work when home we come,
Share our whole day,
Weekend we spend roaming around,
Movies, shopping which make us forget,
We are staying far from home,
Very far away.
The day ends & we go to sleep,
We all have just one dream,
To take that object & Reach back home.
Let’s see when I will be back in that,
Let’s see when I will,
"Let’s wait for the time to change the train."

Tags: feeling lonely, love, missing home, poetry, working outside
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